Friday, May 13, 2011

Walking with Four Generations

How many people can say they went on a walk with four generations of their family? We regularly find our grandmas and take them for a little stroll on the family farm. My boys love their grandmas.

Nathan and Grandma Robot. He is trying to escape and climb up with Joseph onto the oil can.

Joseph climbing to the top of the oil can. Its really a tank, but he calls it a can.
Joseph and Grandma Robot. He insisted that we bring his "guys" on the walk.

At the start of our walk Joseph selected Grandma Farm as the one to carry him. He stayed with her to the duck pond and then had to get down and throw rocks into the water.

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Heather Farnsworth said...

Its great that you have all that land in the family where the boys can just run around and play.